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Here are some of my latest projects.

  • Eleventy Notes is an opinionated template for publishing your personal notes, documentation or even your blog. It's built with Eleventy, a powerful static site generator. Eleventy Notes is designed to be lightweight and fast, with minimal JavaScript. It supports Markdown, Wikilinks, Tags, light/dark theme, a fast client-side search and much more.
  • is a growing collection of tips & tricks for developer. There are tips about TypeScript, HTML, accessibility, Angular and more. It is built with Eleventy and Tailwind CSS.
  • iA Presenter Theme Builder is a powerful theme builder for iA Presenter, a markdown based presentation tool. Create a light and dark theme, use dynamic backgrounds and customize colors, choose from hundreds of fonts and use presets and conditions to style your slides with CSS.
  • QR Code Scanner is a simple tool to extract QR codes from PDF documents, images and scans from your camera. Upload a text file to generate a QR code. Everything is processed locally in your browser.
  • Fako is a tool to generate deeply nested objects of fake data in a visual way by arranging nodes on a board. It supports over 200 different fake data functions. Compose fields, transform values or create conditional fields by using variables and expressions.
  • ASCII Tree Generator is a simple tool that generates fancy folder trees for READMEs and documentation. It is built with Alpine.js, TypeScript and Parcel.
  • unseen is a simple bookmarklet to hide sensitive information on a website by blurring and blackening elements on the page. Useful if you want to share a screenshot of a website without revealing sensitive information.