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Hey, I'm Sandro

I'm an experienced Frontend Developer based in Lucerne, Switzerland. I love coding, writing and cats 🐈

  • 21 min read

    Building an Angular Library with multiple entry points

    An Angular library lets you share code between multiple projects. For a larger library it's recommended to use subentry points. We'll build a new Angular library from scratch, add multiple subentry points with dependencies between them and add a showcase app that uses the library.

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  • 5 min read

    React Hooks for Angular

    React Hooks are great and I really miss them in Angular. What if Angular had hooks? We could build hooks for state management, subscription handling and even reactive state. So let's build Angular Hooks!

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  • 12 min read

    Create dynamic translations with HTML & Components in Angular

    Most translation libraries are focused on static text and do not allow you to build dynamic translations that include links and buttons - but this is a common use case. We'll build an Angular Component that lets you inject any HTML and even Angular Components and Directives into your translations.

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