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My Work

Here are some of my latest projects.

  • ASCII Tree Generator

    This is simple tree generator that lets you generate fancy folder trees for READMEs and documentation. It is built with Alpine.js, TypeScript and Parcel.
  • tinytip

    This is a website with a growing collection of tips & tricks for developer. There are tips about TypeScript, HTML, a11y, Angular and more. It is built with Eleventy, Tailwind CSS and Algolia.
  • unseen

    Do you need to hide sensitive information on a website before making a screenshot? Use unseen, a simple tool to blur and blacken elements on any website. It is a simple bookmarklet made with Vanilla JavaScript.
  • randmly

    A simple tool that makes decisions for you. It is built with React and TypeScript.
  • tic × tac × toe

    An online tic tac toe game that you can play with your friends. Create a game, share the link and start playing. It is built with React and Firebase.
  • Dobby

    A small collection of simple tools to convert colors, beautify CSS code, calculating hashes and more. It is built with React.